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Easy Home Makeovers: Skeleton Infill

"Skeleton" means the structure of a building with increased durability.

"Infill" refers to the interior such as the floor plan and facilities. If these two are clearly separated, it is possible to support changes to life stages and lifestyles with infill remodeling, so the skeleton itself can be used effectively in the long-term.


Interior and Equipment in the Home

There is a structure that makes it possible to easily change the floor plan and update equipment so changes in the future (e.g. to the makeup of the family) can be supported flexibly.

*The entranceway, hallways and plumbing have fixed walls.

Skeleton Infill


Structural Framework of the Pillars, Beams and Floors

This structure aims to prolong use over a longer period of time of approximately three family generations (75 to 90 years). There is an innovative structure that supports the pillars, beams and floors in order to increase

This structure is available in various designs that make it possible to support changes in lifestyles.

Let's consider as an example, that there is a living room on the first floor and a bedroom/children's rooms on the second floor when building a new home. A few years later, there will be changes to the family's living arrangements due to children leaving home/getting married, the aging of the homeowners or the cohabitation of two generations of a family/the birth of grandchildren, etc. Accordingly, changes to the floor plan of the living room or a redesign toward a spacious living room will make it possible to live in the home even longer and will also provide further comfort. Instead of people having to find another home and changing lifestyles, the existing home can change in accordance with a family’s transition throughout life. It is possible to support these transitions with a high degree of flexibility if you choose SI housing.

This structure makes it possible to support changes to lifestyles. Various designs are available.


・The walls are not moveable partitions.

・When changing the wall placement, construction to the floors, walls and ceilings are required, resulting in associated costs.

・This is one type of scenario. The degree of ease in changing the floor plan may vary depending on the actual building.

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